Juergen Teller supplement Irene im Wald

by - March 24, 2013

This is the best thing I received this month ... and I'm in love for the supplement Irene im Wald by juergen Teller. He gave a interview for Dazed Digital

 In the 90s, when the world of fashion photography was all about bleak slickness, Juergen Teller and his then partner Venetia Scott shook things up with a new kind of aesthetic. Like his contemporaries Craig McDean, Wolfgang Tillmans and Marc Lebon, Teller has an idiosyncratic eye that leans more towards portraying a hedonistic reality rather than a glossy veneer. Since widening his scope away from working with just publications (like vogue, i-D and W Magazine) and ad campaigns for the likes of Celine and Marc Jacobs, Teller has focused his lens on more telling images.

For his latest exhibition at The Journal Gallery in Brooklyn, he as looked to his childhood in Germany for reference. 'Irene im Wald' portrays Teller’s own mother, Irene, wandering through the woods near his home in Nuremberg. The pictures have an intimate innateness brought about through his relationship to his mother, but the subtle play between Teller and Irene is never explicitly realised in the images and so contributes to the personality of the photographs.

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  1. Gostava tanto de estar ali sentada naquele banco, na penúltima foto!!As fotos transmitem uma calma enorme!!:)**


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