James Franco’s Rebel

June 21, 2012
James Dean and James Franco are my favorite actors of all the time and see this project is really nice.  Franco and his team of artists experiment with the mythology of the movie through sculpture, video and photography. “Inside Rebel” is Matt Black’s two-part behind-the-scenes exposé of Franco’s cutting edge all-star show.

Inside James Franco's Part One

Inspired by the 1955 film Rebel Without a Cause, Rebel is James Franco’s adaptation of the mythology surrounding the late and great James Dean, 44-year-old director Nicholas Ray, and his alleged affair with the 16-year-old Natalie Wood. The art-film exhibition is now showing at Los Angeles’s MOCA, with footage shot within a replica of the iconic Chateau Marmont also in LA. The entire endeavor employed the talented likes of Paul and Damon McCarthy, Aaron Young, Harmony Korine, Ed Ruscha, Terry Richardson and Douglas Gordon in close collaboration with Franco himself.

Inside James Franco's Part Two

Following Part One, Matt Black’s exposé of James Franco’s all-star art-film exhibition at Los Angeles’s MOCA continues. In Part Two, Franco further expounds the messy myths surrounding Rebel Without a Cause, shedding light on how it has shaped his edgy remix of the 1950s film. Harmony Korine and Mark Mahoney really shine in this unconventional interpretation of retro teenage rebellion, infusing Franco’s audacious collage with the proper grit and energy that is required of an exhibition of this scale.


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