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by - May 16, 2012

Interview for MAKE ME HAPPY TODAY from Italy
Interview for MAKE ME HAPPY TODAY from Italy
(italian only)

The photography world know you as...

I don't know... I'm just a small girl of a small town that have a passion for photography. I'm still searching my place in photography world.
What type of camera do you use and what's your favourite film?
The cameras that I use the most is Minolta XG-7, Nikon F75 and Yashica Patio. I like to use 35mm film, specially experid film and lomography films.
How did your passion for photography and analog photography begin?
My father gave me my first camera when I was twelve years old, then I begin to take photos with no specific meaning. Over time I started to think more seriously about the process and the subject in photography. Taking  photographs with a lomo camera was the next step. Later started to explore with a reflex camera, my favorite Minolta XG-7. In 2010 knowing that I can't live wihtout photography started to study for BA in Photography and Visual Culture in IADE, Lisbon.
Analog because...
It's magical.
Is there a subject you prefer?
I like to explore daily life, but especially the little details about daily life.
The perfect shot...
I'm always trying to find it. I'm too much perfectionist in my photography works.
A recognizable feature in your photos...
The humanity in details.
An artist you want to suggest or who inspires you... 
The artists that inspires me the most are William Eggleston, Stephen Shore, Nan Goldin and more recently Venetie Scott and Joseph Szabo.
What's thing in analog photography that fascinates you the most?
When I see the develop film for the first time. I love the quantity of information and detail you have in film.
Any plan for the future?
I want to continue my projects and experiment new things.
What makes you happy in analog photography?
The process og everything, like I said it's magic. You have magic inside your camera and later in laboratory. I'm like a crazy cientist with the chemicals.
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