Francis Ford Coppola's Southern Italian Hotel

May 30, 2012
Built in 1892 by the family Bernalda Margherita, Palazzo Margherita claims as its authentic nineteenth-century palace. The city affectionately named "Bernalda bella" was the place of birth but also the house of Agostino Coppola, grandfather of Francis Ford Coppola. In 2004, it acquired the palace with motivation in mind, transform it into a small but luxurious hotel, believes it is time to invite others to discover this amazing region of Italy and unexplored. Coppola worked alongside the acclaimed French designer Jacques Grange to re-fit the hotel, creating an authentic Italian atmosphere with tiled floors (made from original marble) and Moroccan and Baroque-inspired hand-painted fresco ceilings. Bernalda village in southern Italy and Ionian Sea. The village is home Bernalda so this family home located in southern Italy in the Basilicata region near the Ionian Sea. The surrounding countryside is full of fruit here but also tasty vegetables, sun-kissed. This agricultural region rich in history, still untouched by mass tourism, includes amongst others the "Sassi di Matera" dating from prehistoric times, typical houses carved into a limestone rock. Identified between the white sand beaches and a calm relaxing.

I  just love the design of the hotel... the only bad thing is that I don't have money to stay there... so I'm only with images in my head and in dreams.


  1. Ficou lindo!!Também estou como tu, não tenho dinheiro para ir lá passar uns dias por isso fico-me pelas imagens :)**

  2. estas imagens fazem sonhar, e eu que este ano não tenho férias ainda fico com mais vontade de me perder num espaço assim:-) beijinhos***

  3. Que bonito!!! Bem sempre dá para sonhar com uma estadia... imagino os preços!


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