things i love lately

April 01, 2012
Little things in my life that are making me smile lately:
♥ making typography works ♥ buy zines about photography ♥ spending time with my nephews ♥ spend quality time in library ♥ dream about my trip to Paris ♥ kissing my guinea pigs ♥ making origami hearts ♥ discover artists ♥ organising all my movies ♥ baking once a week ♥ just be with him thinking who life can be so simple if i don't complicate


  1. acho estes pequenos apontamentos tão preciosos! não me esqueci de ti diana, a sério, mil desculpas, mas não tenho tido tempo nenhum***

  2. Let me see what's missing in your life these days... spending time with me! <3 Miss you sweetheart, and when will you go to Paris?

  3. Simple and beautiful things

  4. um casaquinho lindo e uma minolta= combinação perfeita. beijinhos grande


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