January 01, 2012
All I want for this year is work hard to achieve my goals, spend as much time as possible with my friends, read more and become a better photographer. I think 2012 is going to be a good year if I work hard and I'm excited to see. The most important thing is to make things that make you happy and for that all the time is precious.

♥ read more ♥ write more ♥ buy more books ♥ buy more pez ♥ more photography projects ♥ collaborate with other bloggers on a project or two ♥ my trip to Paris with boyfriend ♥ do more things d.i.y. ♥ exercise regularly ♥ and so on!


  1. partilho de muitas vontades tuas :) e temos mesmo de tratar do projecto! bom anoooo**********

  2. Também partilho de muitas dessas vontades e acredito que com vontade elas se realizam ;)). beijinhoo


Thanks for the comment.

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