the end of Astia, Neopan, Sensia III

September 08, 2011

The following films have ceased production and will not be re-produced. Once the remaining inventory has gone that will be it. So if you use any of the following films I suggest you get yourself as much as you can now, because this will be the last chance. So, there you go. As you can see the biggest cuts have been in the slide film areas, something that I warned people about a while ago. It is too expensive to produce these films and people are not using them any more. Thankfully there was only one cut on the monochrome film, but it was a major one…Neopan SS! The Fuji site says that it has stopped production of all of these and will ship them until stocks run out, which according to the website will be within this year for most of the films and early next year for the Neopan and the Astia. Bummer.

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