love makes me happy

by - August 03, 2011

Little things in my life that are making me smile lately:
♥ make food for my boyfriend ♥ buy pez ♥ watching movies on laptop ♥ organising all the files on my computer into dated & titled folders ♥ eat a lot of ice creams ♥ make new friends and keep the old ones ♥ dreaming of owning a house and planning what colours to paint it & how to decorate ♥ started to explore seriously 120mm film ♥ dinner at Indian restaurant ♥ traveling and discover new places ♥ watching the sunset ♥ a strong cup of tea ♥ think in new photography projects ♥ just being in the same place as someone i love

text inspired by Amanda Thomas

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  1. aiii como adorei estas fotos, que bom de ver :) já voltei, quando quiseres combinamos as fotos****


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